Imâme (ee-mum-eh), normally, is the thing on top of a rosary (tesbih). The "imame," in the sense of a female imam, might have never existed in the Istanbul vocabulary. Personally, I upgraded the terminology -- all right in view of the developing language.  logo. Through eternal (arms as moebius strip) truth, developing into the veliyullah/saint status (symbolizable by the circular shape that is above the moebius strip.

33-count tesbih-imame One bonus fine point of the figure is that, in heaven, 33 is the standard age of all -- as known from a hadith. Your age so far, as well as your remaining time of fun ride, in this mortal world, may vary, but your constant age is 33, inshaellah, in the world of eternal bliss.

In the issue of age, other than this, are the servants of heaven (teenage khouris (& gılmans), and died-young children). And, of course, the hell people, but who would care how old the hell people will be, any way?

To profit from the school section, surely sainthood is not necessary. Probably a first-thought point, of the word imame, was toward a portal, for mainly those from imam-hatib, or Quran schools. Probably housewives, that is, the imame of her house (co-master), and talking at gatherings among women. Although if the case were otherwise, maybe she would continue, but because further education was banned, and equating know-how with school, left alien to education. I support formaze, and obviously not supporting centralized-education. Thus, the case is wonderful. We may crush the universities.
for saints only

Well, neither to see the section for articles, you necessarily need to be sure that you are truly a saint. If that were necessary, I presume, most saints would go away because of their modesty, while thoughtless people who have nothing to do with sainthood, would stay. Nevertheless, who is certainly not-a-saint (of Allah), is a category, as judgable by a well-thought müslim. (And, for instance, the people have enmosity against the (Islamic) tesettur ordered by Allah, do not probably claim to be the saints of Allah. Right?) In any case, who may not benefit, is known to Allah. If the profile I intend is not fitting you, then grasping what I publish may be impossible for you, just as donkeys carrying books would not benefit from the bookload ("except making muscle" the famous joke is). And/or your organism may reject what is the truth. (I'm afraid, if the motto were "Damardan" (intravenous) articles, you would wrongly guess me some junkie, or a Müslümcü (fan of a popular singer in Turkey). Therefore, I think the sainthood is the right term, for referring to the profile of people I expect.)

Thoughtless people who are not truly veliyullah (saint), may "lose their faith" (in Islam), only after that joke I quoted, are we to be surprised or not. Don't you know stupid cases of people losing their faith because of quite thoughtless obsessions? :-)) In any case, to explain this one is good, for not having such weak people lose their faith, because of having dared even only to see this frontpage. Inferrably, book-carrying is stressing the "book carrying" as the sense, not just the "carrying." Otherwise, just load a pile of rocks, if only to work out. Why bother the ink, pen, or the press? But, if you thought the word "carrying" was the word to stress, then that might have felt as when having met some münafıq people (who act as if, but not having faith, and they usually like telling such stupid cheap shots against Islam, and laugh), thus, you would gather a bad taste, not bliss. That joke is innocent, normally, as told about regular big-volume book (neither poking at Confucius, nor how the Quran is extending that), but because I have told that right after a portion of a statement (ayet) of Allah (the Wise), from Quran-ul-Kerim (Juma(62):5), that may have mixed up the thoughts of some. Therefore, explaining, might have been necessary. Thus, a risk, this site might be.

Personally, I claim neither being a saint, nor not being. Surely, I pray. But, I hope that I publish what I think well. That is, I publish from the modest knowledge that I have, inshaellah, sufficient for me, even with no assuming of sainthood. But, if I guess that "all people know" some portion of some issue, while you are lacking the point, and assuming you are/were not veliyullah (thus, not specially protected by Allah from falling to conditions/faithlessness that Allah will punish), then who could protect you? Maazellah. Naturally, we need to pray.

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